Colorado Provençal and Roussillon

The Colorado Provençal is an old ocher quarry.
The important deposit of Rustrel has earned its quarries the evocative name of Colorado.
This exceptional site, baptized for the variety of its shapes and colors, makes it possible to combine the pleasure of hiking with the discovery of an industrial heritage. The beauty of the site is the result of the work carried out by four generations of orchards and peasants.
In the heart of Colorado, colors are available and enchant the eyes. The whole range of ocher yellow, red, orange, brown, up to green and purple is represented. The landscape (cliffs, cirques, chimneys and hills) is the result of the exploitation of ocher which was done in the region from the 18th century. Gradually abandoned, the quarries now form a grandiose site, appreciated for tourist walking and hiking.

Roussillon in the Luberon
Nestled in the pine forests, under the pure sky of Provence, Roussillon, one of the most beautiful villages in France, welcomes visitors to the land of light and color. Walking through its alleys and staircases, contemplating its facades, which are often simple and naturally beautiful, you will admire the result of more than a thousand years of know-how.
Le Colorado Provençal Roussillon